Wet Air Scrubbers

Hiller has the necessary expertise to properly integrate and configure a decanter centrifuge sludge removal system with a wet air scrubber to greatly increase scrubbing efficiency while reducing downtime and maintenance. We can inform companies on the best ways to improve system performance and effectively remove particles and other sludge forming solids from sumps, pits and recirculating tanks on both new and existing scrubber installations.

To determine if a Hiller DecaPress Decanter Centrifuge is suitable for your wet air scrubber application consider the following information:

  1. Closed-loop water volume of the scrubber sump, pit and / or tank
  2. Recirculation flow rate and / or water in transit
  3. Nature of the solid particulate captured in the water
  4. Percent solid particulate suspended in the water when system is clean and when the system requires shut-down for maintenance and clean-out
  5. Approximate transfer efficiency and ability to maintain consistent scrubbing efficiency
  6. Chemical supplier and costs
  7. Is consistent scrubber efficiency a regulatory issue
  8. Estimated annual down time and clean-out disposal costs
  9. What is the volume and dryness of the sludge presented for disposal
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