Waste Vegetable Oil

Hiller machines provide world-class standards for high-performance decanter centrifuges specially equipped to meet the separation requirements of the Bio Diesel, Waste Vegetable Oil and Animal Fats Processing Industry. Hiller offers centrifugal separation technology for Bio Diesel operators producing alternative fuels from WVO, cooking oil, vegetable oil, virgin oil, animal fats, and restaurant greases. Hiller supplied decanter centrifuge separation equipment can dramatically increase biodiesel production capacity and reduce process time compared to several days generally required for settling and multiple washing cycles which will reduce production costs and increase productivity for a rapid return on investment. Whether it is 2-phase or 3-phase separation, the Hiller range of DecaPress and DecaOil centrifuges offer high performance separation solutions with a very small footprint.

Waste Vegetable Oil processing centrifuge

Hiller produces decanter centrifuges in sizes that can handle the processing rates associated with most high production facilities. The Hiller DecaPress and DecaOil decanter centrifuge series were designed and developed for maximum oil recovery, solids capture and cake dryness at high throughputs with significantly reduced power consumption.

  • State-of-the-art of 2-phase and 3-phase decanter centrifuge separation technology
  • Setting the benchmark for a variety of Bio Diesel and Waste Vegetable Oil and Animal Fats Processing applications
Waste Vegetable Oil sample

Specially equipped high "G" force 2 and 3-phase decanter centrifuges provide faster more efficient separation for these typical applications:

  • Glycerin / fatty acid / salt separation in biodiesel production
  • Remove solids including Magnesol and magnesium silicates
  • Separation of Biodiesel and Water
  • Biodiesel drying and glycerin purification
  • Used cooking oil processing as alternative fuel oil
  • Fats from DAF sludge skimmings
  • Fishmeal stick-water and Animal fat production from slaughtering offal
  • Tallow recovery from tanneries
  • Particulate / solids and water removal from WVO
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