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Hiller-US Parts & Service Program:

At both the Hiller-US North America headquarters and main Hiller facility in Germany, we know how important it is for our centrifuge customers operating valuable and complex plants to optimize the mechanical reliability and maximum operational availability of process equipment. And because Hiller was originally a contract manufacturer of decanter centrifuges for KHD Humboldt and Bird and private labeled machines for Siemens and US Filter, we can provide OEM factory supported service and spare parts for those machine ranges too. So whether your plant operates an actual Hiller branded DP model decanter centrifuge or Hiller made Siemens, US Filter, KHD Humboldt, or Bird branded equipment, the following resources enable us to support you in achieving your service goals:

  • Highly qualified service personnel
  • Fast delivery of spare parts
  • Select rotors available for loan during extended service repairs
  • Standard and customized maintenance contracts
  • First class repair service at our premises and/or approved regional service centers
Map of rebuild centers

Approved Rebuild Centers:

  • Lampasas, Texas
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Houston, Texas
  • Bakersfield, California
  • Salina, Kansas

Parts and service are readily available by contacting our staff in Lampasas, Texas:

  • Office: (512) 556-5707

Highly qualified service personnel:

Hiller service technicians have a broad knowledge of mechanics, electronics, PLC programming and hydraulics as well as expertise in process engineering and trouble shooting. Therefore our service personnel are a highly valuable resource for supporting and satisfying our customers.

In-stock fast spare parts delivery:

We have an extensive stock of original Hiller spare parts in our headquarters in Lampasas Texas as well as in some of the other approved regional service centers. This enables Hiller to deliver the required original parts to the customer very fast – often even on the following day.

First class repair service at our premises:

For more than 40 years Hiller has gained extensive experience in production practices and modern plant engineering as well as making a considerable investment in machinery, equipment and personnel in our factory based "Hiller Repair Center". We extensively recondition about 200 centrifuges per year providing customers high quality repair services with quick turn-around time. And these same service repair practices are factory supported and managed in our Hiller-US Lampasas, Texas facility as well as the other approved regional service centers.

Decanter centrifuge rotating assembly, rebuild, repair, refurbishing and complete reconditioning services often include the following steps depending on machine condition at the time of service:

  • Complete disassembly of decanter centrifuge
  • Cleaning of all parts and components
  • When necessary verify materials of construction using X-Ray Metallurgist Pro instrument
  • Crack check key parts with Zyglo® liquid fluorescent penetrant inspection (Magna Flux)
  • Media -blast all structural items and product contact surfaces
  • Measurement of all critical tolerances and bearing fits
  • Repair major sub-standard parts utilizing factory OEM prints and support and / or replace with new OEM parts
  • Installation of complete head wall and scroll bearing seal assemblies
  • Two-plane dynamic balancing of rotating assembly as required
  • Scroll / conveyor inspection including feed zone and flighting repair as well as re-hard surfacing and re-tipping with flame sprayed wear protection or replacement of sintered tungsten carbide tiles
  • Re-balance scroll / conveyor
  • Repair and squaring of bearing pillow block mounting base locations
  • Installation of rotating assembly
  • Repair and refurbishment of covers and casings
  • Perform four hour operational test-run of completed centrifuge repairs
  • Verify and record dynamic balance
  • Paint required items (customer to specify paint type & color)
  • Re-skidded for shipment

Spare Rotating Assemblies and Rotors available for loan:


For many of our standard model Hiller decanters centrifuges we have a substantial stock of rotors available for exchange during extended service repairs, which safeguards an interruption-free operation for our customers.

Automation and centrifuge control panel component and operating program upgrades:


Hiller-US provides process controls solutions and upgrades to increase centrifuge performance. We can help you increase production and profits with our state of the art electronic controls, hydraulic drives and AC variable speed drive systems. Whether it’s a panel for a new machine or upgrade of an older machine, all aspects of automation and process controls are managed from design, engineering and construction through installation, integration and start-up.

  • Allen Bradley, Siemens and other Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • VFD drives, variable frequency, network interface and communications
  • Operator Interface Terminals (OIT) and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Data acquisition and trend analysis
  • UL508A and NFPA approved industrial control panels
  • Custom automation and process control optimization

Maintenance contracts:

As a convenience to our customers Hiller-US will offer an annual service contract with Hiller Service Technicians dispatched from both Germany and USA. Plus Hiller has established a network of factory approved regional independent repair shops as a supplemental alternative for long term serviceability. Hiller will also offer maintenance contracts designed for the unique requirements of each customer. Such a maintenance contract optimizes the reliability and considerably extends the life of the machine. Hiller will coordinate the complete time and service interval management as well as the corresponding inspection logbook entries providing customers optimum machine reliability and legal security.

Equipment Models Serviced:

Hiller was originally a contract manufacturer of decanter centrifuges for KHD Humboldt and Bird as well as a private label producer of machines for Siemens and US Filter. Therefore Hiller-US is able to provide OEM factory supported service and spare parts for North American customers operating KHD, KHD Humboldt, HDI (Humboldt Decanter Inc.), Bird, Baker Process, Siemens CentraMax and CentraPac / US Filter and Centrisys branded decanter centrifuge equipment.

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Mobile On-Site Testing:

For on-site application testing Hiller-US maintains a range of fully equipped centrifuge pilot test units. The portable system features a full scale DP45 production model centrifuge mounted in full size semi-trailer with full automation and system controls plus ancillary equipment such as pumps, polymer systems, and sludge auger as well as connection hoses for a complete set up.

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Ferrum Process Systems Inc. based in Fort Lee, NJ is the factory direct sales and support office servicing North America for Hiller Separation & Process GmbH of Vilsbiburg, Germany.

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