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Digester Sludge Dewatering (Manure Separation)

HILLER DecaPress DP model decanter centrifuges can effected be used for liquid / solids separation and dewatering sludge from anaerobic digesters used to process dairy and cattle feed lots, swine, poultry or other animal manures. These centrifuges can also be used for manure separation and /or thickening prior to anaerobic digestion as well as for dewatering after anaerobic digestion.

The decanter centrifuge will often produce better results than other dewatering equipment when secondary or biological sludges are present in the material to be processed. The primary reason for this is decanter centrifuges do not use filter media for separation and dewatering, which can often become blocked or blinded by biological sludges.

Before and after with dry cake

Thickening and Dewatering Digested Sludge: As with activated sludge, decanter centrifuge operating parameters can be adjusted to thicken or dewater digested sludge. Typical performance for dewatered digested sludge:

Inlet solids 2 to 4%-dws
Outlet solids 28 to 33%-dws
Polymer required 9 to 14-lbs/1000lbs-dws
Solids recovery > 97%
Centrate quality < 200-ppm

Fully dewatering digested sludge is not always necessary unless the objective is to reduce the total volume for minimizing transport and landfill costs. Some industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities choose only to thicken the sludge to meet their specific handling requirements. (Land spreading for example)

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