Water Wash Paint Booths

The removal of suspended solids and paint sludge dewatering from automotive and industrial water wash paint spray booth systems is an important and successful application for Hiller centrifuges with many installations worldwide. Premier car companies such as BMW, Mercedes and Opel choose Hiller centrifuges to dewater their paint sludges reducing the waste volumes and disposal costs while also recycling the wash water and increasing liquid life many times over.

To determine if a Hiller DecaPress Decanter Centrifuge is suitable for your water wash paint system application consider the following information:

  1. Total water volume of paint spray booths
  2. Current maintenance program
  3. Paint use in gallons per day
  4. Approximate paint transfer efficiency
  5. Percent solids of paint in use
  6. Chemical supplier and paint de-tackification costs
  7. Estimated annual disposal costs
  8. Is consistent water wash scrubbing efficiency a regulatory issue
  9. Estimated annual down time and clean-out disposal costs
  10. What is the volume and dryness of the paint sludge presented for disposal
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