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Wastewater Treatment Applications

Hiller high-performance decanter centrifuges provide world-class standards for a wide variety of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications including:

  • Primary waste stream liquid-solid separation
  • Dewatering of municipal and industrial sludges
  • Dewatering the concentrated sludge off clarifier bottoms
  • Dewater the sludge off DAF systems
  • Thickening and dewatering of biological sludges

Hiller decanter centrifuge series has been developed for high solids capture rates and maximum cake dryness at high throughputs with significantly reduced polymer consumption. Customer’s benefits versus other dewatering equipment and processes:

  • Continuous operation with optimized performance
  • Maximum cake dryness
  • Minimum specific power consumption
  • Minimum polymer demand
  • Optimized operational labor costs by
  • Continuous and automatic operation
  • Easy cleaning and hygiene by flushing without dismantling the machine for cleaning
  • Durable wear protection with field-replaceable spare parts and wear components
  • No consumables, such as filter aids, filter cloth, etc.
  • Flexible for varying process conditions
  • Adjust to process conditions during operation automatically via PLC or remote control
  • Space saving small foot print
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