Hiller offers the Ethanol industry high capacity decanter centrifuge technology applicable for DDGS whole stillage dewatering. Hiller-US can supply a full range of Hiller DecaPress decanter centrifuges customized for whole stillage dewatering applications up to 500-gpm. For corn dry milling plants, expected performance is 80-85% recovery of suspended solids with 32-35% dry cake, depending on feed temperature and whole stillage concentration. Normally for wheat, barley and other grains, we can expect the same performance with reduced machine capacity.

Ethanol Processing Diagram

Hiller DecaPress decanter centrifuges feature high G force and optimized separation performance which maximizes the wet grain dryness thereby reducing natural gas and operating costs by lowering the energy requirement for DDGS drying. And because Hiller decanter centrifuges offer high solids recovery, they increase evaporator efficiency and subsequently reduce evaporator maintenance costs. Plus Hiller decanter centrifuges also feature lower power consumption compared to older or other manufactures conventional decanter designs which can save a plant 20–40% in operating power and 20–50% in lower installed horsepower.

Hiller produces DDGS decanter centrifuges in sizes that can handle the processing rates associated with 5, 10, 15, and 20 MMGY of ethanol production per decanter which allows the industry to select from a wide range of machine sizes. The Hiller DecaPress decanter centrifuge series has been developed for maximum solids capture and cake dryness at high throughputs with significantly reduced power consumption.

DecaPress Decanter Centrifuge and process technology features:

  • Large diameter/length ratio of 1:4,2 and greater in some model size machines
  • Centrifugal acceleration forces of 3,000 – 5,200 x “G” depending on bowl diameter
  • Minimal operator attendance required
  • Automated operation with our proprietary HILLER HMR 5000 and BMR 6000 touch screen centrifuge control system
  • Modern scroll back-drive systems including DecaTorque hydraulic and / or DecaDrive electrical regenerative system
  • Scroll drive systems highest possible torques with the fastest possible reaction times
  • In-house development and manufacturing of hydraulic components for scroll drive systems
  • Various scroll and bowl wear protection systems for long service life
  • Dynamically optimized fluid design of feed and discharge zones
  • Customized designs available to meet individual process / sludge requirements
  • Highest cake dryness minimizes drying costs
  • Low specific power consumption per unit product processed
  • All product contact parts available in stainless steel or high tensile strength carbon steel
  • The space-saving concept of the solid bowl centrifuge together with optimal process results
  • Simple and service-friendly design with 24 hour factory service support
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