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Hiller Centrifuges

Hiller Separation & Process US based in Lampasas, Texas is the factory direct sales and support office servicing North America for Hiller Separation & Process GmbH of Vilsbiburg, Germany.

Hiller Separation & Process is a 50 year old German decanter centrifuge and system manufacturer employing approximately 300 people worldwide. Hiller produces more than 200 machines per year and recently celebrated shipping the company’s 6,000th machine. Although the Hiller name may be new to the North American market, more than 250 Hiller made decanter centrifuges have been sold in the US under the KHD Humboldt, US Filter, and Siemens Water Technologies brand names through their various sales channels and representatives.

  • Hiller has manufactured centrifuges for over 50 years
  • Hiller has over 5000 installations worldwide
  • Previously sold in USA under KHD Humboldt name
  • Previously no direct sales under Hiller name except for olive oil industry
  • Hiller/Humboldt relationship dissolved after purchase of Humboldt by Bird mid 1990’s
  • US Filter/Hiller alliance formed in 2000 and US Filter later purchased by Siemens
  • Siemens Water Technologies Corp. sells Hiller machines as Centramax brand in North America through 2009
  • Hiller begins selling direct into the North American market under the Hiller brand in 2010
  • February 2011 Hiller sets up Hiller-US office to provide factory direct sales and service support

Hiller decided it could more effectively serve municipal and industrial customers in the North American markets by setting up a more regionally located factory direct office staffed with experienced personnel. Hiller Separation & Process, LLC in the US was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hiller Separation & Process GmbH was with two primary purposes:

  1. Provide technical sales and service support for new equipment sales in the United States
  2. Provide current customers a service center to support our existing (250+) installations

According to Hiller “Although there are over 250 Hiller built centrifuges in service for many years now in North America this is the first time that the machines will be sold under their rightful name. And the main focus must be providing general sales support and maximizing closeness to the installed base by offering customers expert commissioning and machine optimizing, laboratory and pilot tests, field service, troubleshooting, and last but not least, repairs and rebuilds with the know-how of the original equipment manufacturer providing factory support”.

Hiller Separation & Process, LLC is located in Lampasas, Texas (USA) to provide North American customers the following services:

  • A (24/7) 1-800 telephone number for our service response team
  • Capability of pilot testing for new equipment sales
  • Spare parts inventory
  • United States based North American service support team
  • Feasibility testing center
  • Rental capabilities
Texas map

Lampasas is located in the heart of Central Texas with three major U.S. highways (183, 190 and 281) connecting to all of Texas largest cities. Dallas, Ft. Worth and San Antonio are approximately 2 1/2 hours away and Austin is a short 1 hour drive from Lampasas.

About Hiller Separation & Process GmbH

Hiller-US facility

Hiller Separation & Process GmbH is a 50 year old German decanter centrifuge and system manufacturer founded in 1971 by Georg Hiller senior. Located in Bavaria and employing approximately 300 people worldwide, Hiller produces more than 200 machines per year and recently celebrated shipping the company’s 6,000th machine. Hiller is a company motivated by customer expectations to design and produce machines featuring the highest level of sophistication and quality gained from many years of decanter centrifuge manufacturing and application field experience. The modern range of Hiller Decanter Centrifuges reflect our ongoing commitment to mechanical development and process optimization, which enables us to provide our valued clients first-class high-performance decanter centrifuges that guarantee optimal process results with the highest level of reliability.

The Hiller Advantage:

  • Enjoy the security and benefit of purchasing equipment from a financially secure company which is large enough to provide all the necessary resources you would expect delivered with the personal touch and care of a family owned business
  • Top quality German engineering and craftsmanship are included in every field tested machine design
  • Sales and production process provides the option for customization of standard machine models so they can be built for the unique requirements of each customer’s application and are not “one-design-fits-all” assembly line produced machines
  • Hiller offers individual designs optimized for each application instead of cheap, standardized mass-production units
  • Wide range of thorough application experience and knowledge
  • Designed for easy commissioning and operation
  • Designed for robust low after-sales / service cost
  • Hiller forms customer partnerships: We don’t walk away after installation!
  • Continuous long term support and help / 24 hour service
Hiller staff

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