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DecaPress DP

Hiller Separation & Process US offers the complete range of DecaPress DP Model horizontal decanter centrifuges incorporating decades of mechanical knowledge and process experience to provide an effective, low-maintenance solution for continuous liquid-solids separation, liquid clarifying and / or solids dewatering with advanced mechanical features and superior processing performance.

Hiller DecaPress DP Centrifuge

The DP Decanter Centrifuges are very versatile and capable of adapting to a wide variety of industrial applications and capacities.

The machines are easy to adjust over a wide range of process conditions and require little operator attention with automated controls.

DP Decanter Centrifuges feature the following unique advantages with (6) Six Models to select from:

  1. Large diameter/length ratio of 1:4.2 and greater in some model size machines
  2. Centrifugal acceleration forces of 3,000 – 5,200 x “G” depending on bowl diameter
  3. Minimal operator attendance required with automated operation with our proprietary HILLER HMR 5000 and BMR 6000 touch screen centrifuge control system
  4. Modern scroll back-drive systems including DecaTorque hydraulic and / or DecaDrive electrical regenerative system with the highest possible torques and fastest possible reaction times
  5. Energy efficient for low power consumption and relatively quiet for a more comfortable work environment
  6. Replaceable wear liners at points in contact with solids for easy on site replacement and servicing.
Model Motor Bowl Ratio Dimensions Max “G” Flow rate
DP31 20HP 4.2:1 L/D 12” x 50” 3,800 “G” up to 50-gpm
DP37 30HP 4.2:1 L/D 16” x 67” 3,645 “G” up to 80-gpm
DP45 50HP 4.2:1 L/D 18” x 76” 3,630 “G” up to 125-gpm
DP54 75HP 4.2:1 L/D 21” x 88” 3,110 “G” up to 200-gpm
DP66 120HP 4.2:1 L/D 26” x 109” 3,100 “G” up to 300-gpm
DP76 175HP 4.0:1 L/D 30” x 120” 3,090 “G” up to 500-gpm

Standard available automation package features Hiller back-drive control plus PLC with color HMI and VFD motor controls. Custom automation and programming of additional process controls is available.

Skid unit

Complete custom skid packages with common structural steel skid with pumps, sludge conveyor, hydraulic unit, and control panel with all components premounted, wired, and piped for turnkey operation and portability.

Hiller Separation & Process US based in the Austin, Texas area is the factory direct sales and support office servicing North America for Hiller Separation & Process GmbH of Vilsbiburg, Germany.

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